With the present demand to have everything at the tip of the fingers, PhysioDesk has introduced a new way to solve the problem of maintaining all the records of the works of the physiotherapists, by providing a digital platform in the form of ‘Physiodesk PRO’ app for them. Also, at the same time, ‘My Physiodesk’ app provides facility to the patients to have or maintain contact with their physiotherapists online.

So, let us know what special features these applications provide to both the physiotherapists as well as their patients.

Physiodesk Pro

 How does it work?

This app is like a personal digital diary of the physiotherapist. Using this application the users can maintain the personal record of their interaction with the patients, schedule meetings, appointments, etc.

Special features

The most important feature is its ability to provide the chance of having a personal contact between the patients and the physiotherapists. Other than that, it provides some more important features.

Physiodesk Pro - iOS Application

Physiodesk Pro app for IOS

1. Appointment fixing

This feature is useful both for the patients and the physiotherapists. The facility to fix the appointment with the patients enables the physiotherapists to plan their time and day according to their comfort and utilise their time to the fullest by treating as many patients as possible.

2. Planning the schedule

After fixing the appointment, the physiotherapist’s schedule is set and a chart is prepared showing the schedule. By having a look at the schedule, the physiotherapist can understand the number of patients that she/ he has to meet and whether there is time for new patients or not.

3. Online prescription

Sometimes, it is not necessary for the patient to physically meet the physiotherapist, the patient just needs a few words of advice. In these cases, contacting the patient online is just the facility that the physiotherapist requires.

4. Income report

For any availed services, whatever amount the patient has to pay, it is listed on the application. This enables the physiotherapist to keep a track of the earnings and check if any amount by any patient is due to be paid.

5. Enquiries

The list of name of patients interested to meet or contact the physiotherapist is prepared on the app. With the help of it, the physiotherapist can contact the interested people.

6. SMS facility 

After an appointment is fixed, an SMS consisting of the date and time of the appointment is sent to patient. If the  appointment is canceled for any reason, the patient is again notified by an SMS.

7.Resource management

All the resources used or services availed like that of a receptionist, can be managed by the user on the app.

8. Can view the account of the patients

The physiotherapist can easily view the accounts of the patients associated with her/ him.

http://blog.hackerkernel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Physiodesk-pro-Android.jpgPhysiodesk Pro app for Android

9. View the pdf record of patient’s report

If the patient has been treated earlier by any physiotherapist, the soft copy of the patient’s report can be obtained by the physiotherapist. This will obviously be very useful for the physiotherapists, as it’ll enable them to understand the medical conditions involved in a particular case and what kind of treatment is exactly useful.

Platform Support

Physiodesk Pro is supported on both Android & IOS

Physiotherapist Application – Android Version
Patient Application – IOS Version

MyPhysioDesk App

This app acts as an interaction platform. It provides interaction between the patient and the physiotherapist.

How does it work?

It has a network of physiotherapists. The patients can choose the physiotherapists of their choice. The list can be filtered on the basis of any criteria, may it be location or any other.

Targeted users

The people who are main users of this application are obviously the patients who are in the need of physiotherapy and have difficulty searching for a good physiotherapist of their choice.

How can it be beneficial?

The main benefit it provides is the availability of physiotherapist at an area near the patient’s location. Also, since the patient can interact with the physiotherapist at any time and place online, it saves a lot of time and energy of the patient.

Special features offered by the application

Other than the ones listed above, there are many other features offered by this application which can be quite beneficial for the patients.

1. Bio data of physiotherapist
A brief introduction of the works and areas of interests and specialisation of the physiotherapist is displayed, which is given by the physiotherapist only. This helps the patients to decide which physiotherapist is apt for them based on their needs or requirements.
2. Appointment booking
The application shows the schedule of the physiotherapist. Based on that, the patient can decide at what time the physiotherapist is most likely available and so a time and date suitable for both the patient and the physiotherapist can be selected by the patient.
3. Change in the schedule
If the appointment has to be rescheduled or even canceled, it can be done easily. The notification is automatically sent to both the patient and the physiotherapist.



My Physiodesk app for IOS

Platforms on which the application is available

The MyPhysioDesk app is available as Android and IOS versions.

Physiotherapist Application – Android version
Patient Application – IOS version