What is Madcue about?

So you suddenly thought that getting an inspiration is necessary to get through this life and need an inspirational story but don’t know where to go and what to look for?

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Then, maybe this suggestion of visiting ‘Madcue’ could be quite helpful to you. Or you realize that you are getting bored and need a quality entertainment, some fiction to read but not the downgrade and stupid fictional articles spread all over the internet then again ‘Madcue’ is your solution. It is all about stories and stories and stories. Even the fictional stories are not ordinary fictional stories to just entertain you but are inspiring and are sure to tickle those tiny cells in your brain that aspire for some change.

This site is just like a modern story teller. This is like that grandmother of old times who used to recite great stories to kids and not only the kids but the elders too used to enjoy the stories and also learn from them.

How does Madcue work?

It has a network of many talented and aspiring authors who have a lot of beans to spill in form of their words that are sure to inspire anyone reading it.

Different authors write in different fields and topics that suit them. The readers can choose the authors of their choice and follow their profile. This will keep the readers up to date with the new works of the author of their preference.

There is also a facility of reading stories according to your mood, whether you are rolling on the floor with happiness or confined in a corner with sadness, there is a story suitable for every mood of yours.
It is almost like a social networking site, which helps you connect with people, the only difference is that, most of your contacts here are the people you don’t know personally, you just connect with them because of their talent,talent of being awesome storytellers.
The authors might post their personal stories, stories of some other people’s lives or mere fiction to lift up your spirits because they inspire you.

The stories are published under four different categories. The categories are :-

  • Fiction
  • In and out
  • Food for thought
  • In the house

Well, of course you know what fiction section holds.
The ‘In and out’ section has the stuff which most of the people actually look for, that is not a story or an inspirational story. The stories in this section inspire none the less in simple words giving an insight to the lives of people and the way they think, behave and ultimately react in different situations. For instance there is a story in which the author shares his piece of mind about his thinking and point of view on relations between a male and a female and how monogamy can be some times somewhat superficial in practice.

The ‘Food for thought’ section provides you with the words that shake your conscience and make you think about things seriously for a while at least. Topics like changes in the way children live today because of changing technology and how technology affects every aspect of our lives just can’t be ignored simply and they absolutely need a moment of serious consideration.

Madcue- the modern storyteller
This is what this amazing website looks like

Then comes the ‘In the house’ section. This section is likely to inspire the readers very deeply.
There are stories of people who might not be big heroes for the world with a flowing cape and a muscular body or may be some magical powers, but they are winners and should not be considered any less.

There is an inspiring piece of information about a 17 year old boy whose photograph showcasing wildlife in its wildest sense won the Sanctuary Asia competition. Just a 17 year old boy, what a great source of inspiration can this boy be! And this is just one of the stories that are showcased in this section on the website.

Life is all about stories

Yes, of course, life is all about stories of different kinds, and so is the website ‘Madcue’. It has all sorts of stories to cheer up your dampen spirits or to inspire you deeply or may be make you someone big in life. Because when we read something in the words of ordinary people like we are, we surely have more lasting impact on us of it and that impact is surely to drive us to do something worth in life. When we realize that so many normal people are able to lead extraordinary lives just because they dared to bring about some recognizable change is just what you need to get in some action. The life of each person is a story that needs some recitation to others and this is what Madcue is doing, making the stories known by everyone.
We often wonder what a certain kind of person might be thinking about a particular situation, and are very interested in knowing that. So, instead of merely wondering that, you just need to type the URL of Madcue in your browser’s address bar and voila! you got what you need exactly.

Technology Stack

For all you techies out there, let us know something about the technical aspects of this site and technologies that make it work. This site works on the Laravel framework as the backend technology. As you know, laravel is php framework for web designing.

The UI or the User Interface is the Semantic UI. Semantic is a development framework that helps create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML.

So, you are thinking of running the site on your phone, but don’t have much data?! Well, you do not have to worry about that, this is very much mobile friendly and also consumes very less data.

Invitation to friends

So, you have been reading stories on madcue for quite a long time now. Suddenly you came across a story which is so amazing that you can’t get it off your head, why to keep such amazing thing to you only?! Good things need to be shared, here at madcue, you get the facility of inviting your friends to enjoy the stories that caught your attention and let them discover some awesomeness of their own too. It feels great to let your friends know of some great thing that only you’ve known till now. It actually makes you feel like a wise and know-it-all kind of person!

Valuable suggestions

Have some kind of suggestion in your head and want to get the load off your head? You just need to drop your suggestions on the Madcue website and since your words are valued, the suitable action will definitely be taken.