Out of the many available services for physiotherapy, if you are searching for one service that ensures comfort along with saving your time and energy, then physiodesk is the one platform you are actually looking for. Physiodesk is an online platform catering to all your physiotherapy needs under one name. It enables the physiotherapists and patients to establish and maintain contact with one another online.

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It provides you with two apps, namely physiodesk pro and My physiodesk, these are to maintain a record for all the physiotherapy sessions by the physiotherapists and patients respectively. These two apps have their respective Android and iOS versions making them reachable by everyone.

Physiodesk features
These are the features one usually looks for

Physiodesk pro

Physiodesk pro app helps the physiotherapists to maintain the account of all the physiotherapy sessions held by them including the name of patients, date of appointments and even the earnings made by them along with the account of the dues to be paid by the patients.

My physiodesk

My physiodesk app on the other hand is for patients. It helps the patients to find the physiotherapists in their areas. It enables the patients to schedule the appointments based on dates available by the physiotherapists, this patient can decide by looking at the schedule chart of the physiotherapist available on the app. It also is helpful for the patients to take prescription from the physiotherapists online without meeting in person.

Both these apps provide a great service and can, without any doubt be termed as revolution in the healthcare and especially physiotherapy field.