With the flood of app developers and service providers, it has become almost impossible to identify who to approach for good services without being cheated at least once. Having a good website and mobile application is very necessary for any business to flourish these days. But getting that only is a very dreadful task. It is very difficult to determine who to trust and engage in the task. This is where working with HackerKernel can be like your dream come true.

Features of a good website

If you would have surfed the Internet, you must be well aware of the features that a good website must have, you even would have imagined of the availability of certain features, features like:

⦁ Visual appeal

How much ever we underestimate this property saying that it is for kids, but it still holds a lot of importance. If a website is not appealing visually it might not attract new visitors. A lot of first time visitors do not go for a certain website just because it looks boring, even though it might have interesting and valuable information, it might still be boring for some people because it does not have visual appeal. So, it is very necessary for a website to be attractive visually.

Visual appeal adds a sense of attractiveness to the website and makes it more like able to be visited by people frequently.

⦁ User friendliness/ ease of operation

What is the purpose of making an over the top, world class website when it is not easy to use and access by everyone?! So, along with concentrating on making the website attractive and using technology that makes the website seem like website made by grownup experts, emphasis should also be given on the fact that the website must be easy to operate by anyone, even the people who have zero knowledge of technology.

Working with HackerKernel
Concept of a good website

⦁ Security

Now, this aspect of a website cannot be ignored at any cost. With world turning into a global village, maintaining one’s privacy and security is a dreadful task in itself and very important at the same time. No one wants to visit a website that cannot assure to maintain security and privacy, so it is ‘the required’ feature of a website to be categorized as a ‘good website’.

⦁ Interactivity

A good website should be interactive. User must be able to contact the website and business owners / service providers any time. Also, the website must be fast- responsive, especially needed feature of the websites that provide services like e- commerce portals.

An interactive website is the most essential feature and in demand these days.

⦁ Less hosting charges/ maintenance

A website owner does not want to keep spending hefty amount of money on the website being run under the name of her/ his business. There are a lot of aspects of a business that need a lot of investment and surely you, being a business owner, do not want the website to add to the expenses. There are a lot of factors that increase the cost of running a website, like slowness of the website which require regular maintenance and so added expenses.

Almost the same features are present in good mobile applications too.
So, the next big question is that do you think your service provider or who ever you have employed for creating and designing your website or mobile application is going to provide the above mentioned features to your website or application?

We suppose NO, or at least there would not be much precision in their work.

So, you definitely must be looking for a better alternative like ‘HackerKernel’.

Having a good developer and technical team can be like a dream come true.

Why are we SPECIAL?

We, at HackerKernel have a team of experts, who are capable to deliver you every kind of service that you wish to avail. We are a team of creatively talented people. We have talented developers, creative designers and testers who make every step of the website and application development easy and fun. We also can help you think creatively by providing our creative inputs but those will only be suggestions not imposition, at the end of the day, it is the opinions and desires of our clients that matter.

A. We deliver the services on time.
B. You only pay for the services you avail.
C. We understand your needs and provide services accordingly.

This team of young and talented technology experts have every quality that one looks in a good team.

Working with HackerKernel
This is how you can imagine us working for you, eager to complete the work before time!

It is generally observed that clients generally hesitate to pay for the works they assign because they have had bad experiences of bad services in the past, so they don’t trust the service providers. On the other hand, the service providers generally, do not get enough budget for the services wanted, so they are not able to perform their task efficiently and provide bad services. This cycle continues. We eliminate the chances of misfit jobs and the problem of budget. You will know how.
We have planned everything out so that nothing seems to be like out of the blues.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Our clients

Working with HackerKernel
Our happy clients

What do they have to say

Working with HackerKernel

Working with HackerKernel
HackerKernel Bhopal

This is the difference between the two approaches and since customer satisfaction and quality works are important, the latter approach is more profitable and so is working with HackerKernel.

Tough competition

We know that the competition is tough but still just to attract attention of potential customers we are not going to make any false promises. We talk about the services that we can actually deliver. But one thing is for sure that the services that are going to be provided will always be the best.

False promises made to the customers is like a big sin.

Working with HackerKernel

We work in a very organized and systematic way. We have every step planned and thought well in advanced. Let us see the steps of our working:-

Step 1- Research and requirement gathering

Working with HackerKernel

The first step is understanding your needs, you can discuss your requirements with us via e-mail or phone, if possible you can come and meet us personally and discuss your issues. Your ideas and needs can be the craziest, but if you find potential in them, we will help you turn them into reality. We then carry out a proper research considering your needs. We gather requirements that are needed for the project. Every idea needs to be implemented in a different way, and we understand just that. The work just doesn’t get started instantly, instead we take time to understand the needs properly and conduct research. Don’t worry, by time it doesn’t mean that we are going to take a week or something, just one day for preparation and we are good to make something big happen.

Step 2- Analyzing market strategies

Working with HackerKernel

We just don’t keep following the old norms that we started with, but we keep changing our ways and mold ourselves according to the trends and requirements of the market. Change is inevitable, we understand this and so we are flexible enough to change according to the needs. After all, you also don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t know what the market expects of them and how they must comply with the needs.

Step 3- UI/UX Designing in Photoshop

Working with HackerKernel

As it has been emphasized again and again in this article, visual appeal of a web or mobile application can’t be compromised at any cost. So, we also keep our prime focus on maintaining the visual appeal of our projects. We have our team of UI/UX designers, this is the proof in itself about how seriously we take the task of designing. Adobe Photoshop is used in designing here, as you must be well aware, it is the best designing tool and gives the best illustration effect but only experts can handle it well, so are our UI/UX designers.

Step 4- Building and developing project

Now, we start with the project. We work on building and developing your project with the help of our expert developers. We have the developers who know what they are doing and how they must proceed with the project in the right way.

Working with HackerKernel

Step 5- Testing and debugging with precision

Working with HackerKernel

Testing is very important step in the development of any kind of online application. We, at HackerKernel, have our expert testers. They check for every kind of flaws and bugs in the project and then the process of removal of those bugs takes place. Our testers don’t let our developers breathe until and unless the bugs have been removed. Even if there is a conflict among them for matter, this is actually true, sometimes they come to a state of argument. But our testers are adamant to make the project free from any kind of bugs and defects. So, don’t worry about the working of your application, we have people who will worry about that just as their own, even if they have to turn up against their own people!

Step 6- Deploying final product

Working with HackerKernel

Now, the product is ready to be presented to you in a silver wrapping. Well, not literally. But yes, now the project is completed and we give you the final product, which you would love. Don’t be surprised if you find it even better than what you had expected. Well this is our way of thanking you for giving us a chance to work for you and become a part of your journey to success.

Still could not make up your mind?

Have a look here and decide for yourself whether you are ready to give up on this opportunity or not.

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