Adding Facebook Native Ads in ListView – android 2016

Hey Guyz. In this post, I am going to show you how to add Facebook Native Ads on your Android Application ListView. If you are here, I believe you know what is Native Ads. If not check this link out Facebook Native ads Introduction
Facebook native ads are a good way to provide similar look and feel to the ads. I was introduced to Facebook Native ads a week ago while I was working for one of our Clients app Yoo – Free Recharge App But the issue with Facebook Native ads is Internet don’t have much Tutorials on it. So i decided to make one.
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facebook like notification system

Facebook like Notification system

Hey guyz! in this post I am going to teach how to make a Facebook like notification system. For this purpose we will be using HTML5 Desktop Notification API, Now as days many website are using notification system like Pinterest, Gmail Facebook and many more. Note: Facebook does not use the same HTML5 Desktop Notification api but for simplicity we will be using HTML5 desktop notification api.
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facebook like scrollbar with css

Facebook like scrollbar with css

Hey Guyz. In this post we will learn how to make a custom Facebook like scrollbar with css for -webkit browsers. Creating a Custom or Facebook like Scrollbar with css is very easy But the only problem is Browser Compatibility issue. If i am not mistaken Custom Scrollbar is only supported in -webkit so in this tutorial we will only focus on webkit browser. (To Chalu Karte Hai BC)
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facebook like messaging system with php

Facebook like messaging system with php

Hey guyz! In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to make a facebook like messaging system with php. Creating a facebook like messaging is not difficult So lets get started. First thing first Discalmer We will be using ajax for this real time facebook like messaging system but thats not idea because server send to many http connection, Instead we should use node.js or socket for this type of application. But by this tutorial you will get the understanding how the facebook like messaging system with php works.
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