php database class

PHP Database Class in PDO

PHP Database class is a kickass class build to handle all the Database functionality. PHP database class make it super easy to handle CRUD(Create Read Update Delete) operations easily, PHP database class is build using PDO and BindParams so its SQL injection safe, IN my all projects i use PHP database class so i hope it will help you guyz build web application faster and safer. SO get Started
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facebook like messaging system with php

Facebook like messaging system with php

Hey guyz! In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to make a facebook like messaging system with php. Creating a facebook like messaging is not difficult So lets get started. First thing first Discalmer We will be using ajax for this real time facebook like messaging system but thats not idea because server send to many http connection, Instead we should use node.js or socket for this type of application. But by this tutorial you will get the understanding how the facebook like messaging system with php works.
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