mcq test application in php

MCQ test application in php

First of all Thank you very very much For your love and support we have reached 1k Like on FB PAGE so on this occasion i am releasing my new project “TestiFY” an online MCQ test application in php. This MCQ test application has good amount of feature. For this MCQ test application i have used Dirty PHP so that it will be easy for me to explain stuff to you guyz.
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Google like instant search with ajax, JSON & php PDO

Hello Guyz in this post i am going to teach your how to create a google like instant seach with ajax JSON and php PDO. The idea of creating a google like instant search was came from my Gym trainer Aamir bhai Who said me that “Google Search is the best”, So i decided to create a google like search. I have used php PDO for this post because it was a request from a reader of my blog to start teaching new subjects of php like OOP and PDO so i started with PDO
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facebook like notification system

Facebook like Notification system

Hey guyz! in this post I am going to teach how to make a Facebook like notification system. For this purpose we will be using HTML5 Desktop Notification API, Now as days many website are using notification system like Pinterest, Gmail Facebook and many more. Note: Facebook does not use the same HTML5 Desktop Notification api but for simplicity we will be using HTML5 desktop notification api.
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facebook like scrollbar with css

Facebook like scrollbar with css

Hey Guyz. In this post we will learn how to make a custom Facebook like scrollbar with css for -webkit browsers. Creating a Custom or Facebook like Scrollbar with css is very easy But the only problem is Browser Compatibility issue. If i am not mistaken Custom Scrollbar is only supported in -webkit so in this tutorial we will only focus on webkit browser. (To Chalu Karte Hai BC)
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