facebook like scrollbar with css

Facebook like scrollbar with css

Hey Guyz. In this post we will learn how to make a custom Facebook like scrollbar with css for -webkit browsers. Creating a Custom or Facebook like Scrollbar with css is very easy But the only problem is Browser Compatibility issue. If i am not mistaken Custom Scrollbar is only supported in -webkit so in this tutorial we will only focus on webkit browser. (To Chalu Karte Hai BC)
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pinterest like grid layout

Pinterest like layout with css

Recently i found my new love yes my new love it was Pinterest i am in love with it’s UI. Salute to the UI Designer. So i decided to try the layout on my own and this is the end product. In this tutorial, we are going to make pinterest like layout, a pinterest like grid layout is not difficult to create, we can create a pinterest like layout with css..so lets get started.
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